Saturday, 8 February 2014


Step by Step Instructions

AND A YouTube Video TOO!

Create a Yummy Cupcake Design

The perfect cake ... no fat, no sugar, no gluten, no calories...........mmmm

Maybe not perfect there is no chocolate either!


Welcome to my second tutorial on my new blog.
My cupcake design has been a popular Make & Take project.
Today it has been tweaked and enlarged to fit a Template 
which is a free download 

For new painters who are not familiar with the basic steps of Decorative Painting 
please watch these  3  technique videos 

 Supplies Used

DecoArt Products

Milk Chocolate, Titanium White, Dark Chocolate, Primary Red & Gold Writer


3/8 Angle or 10 Flat
No 4 Round
Art or Sea Sponge for Basecoats

  Other Painting Kit

A4 Smooth White Card
Tracing Paper
White Transfer Paper 
Stylus or Small Embossing Tool
1 Bottle Top
Palette Paper
Glue of your choice 
Cotton Buds
Hairdryer (use on a low heat setting)


Download the Cupcake Shaped Card 

Print out the images onto cardstock, then carefully cut out the two shapes we are using today.

Optional - Print out an extra card shape onto paper for the insert and cut it out a bit smaller.


Sponge both sides of the cardstock with Milk Chocolate to an opaque finish.

The card will warp. 



Flatten it whilst drying with the hair dryer.


 Print and trace these design lines for the muffin case and iced topper.

 Carefully line up the dotted lines and transfer with white transfer paper.

Floating Dimension 

For new painters - these floats are the same as shading. The brush is loaded in the same way with a pale colour and the effect is "highlight" and not "shadow".

Highlights on Muffin Case  

Load Angle or Flat Brush with Titanium White.

Float across the bottom and dry.

Float up the right hand side and dry.

Float down the remaining case lines and dry thoroughly.

Brush mix water and Titanium White to make an inky mix. Brush over the floated lines and dry thoroughly.

This gives a subtle dimension effect which uses the basecoat colour as the shading.

Dimension is also created by floating colour back to back. This simply means floats are painted on both sides of a line.

One side is Highlighted with a paler colour and this brings the design forward.

The other side is shaded with a darker colour which pushes the design back.

Together they give the illusion of  more depth.


Iced Topper 

 Load Angle or Flat Brush with Titanium White.

Float the Highlights on the 3 layers. The bottom layer is floated on the edge of the topper.

Note: Two of these are long floats it is highly unlikely that one load of paint will be enough for each one. Reload as and when needed.

Dry thoroughly.

Rinse the brush and load with Dark Chocolate. Float the shading under the top two layers. Dry thoroughly.

Now for the cherry on the top!

Basecoat it Titanium White and dry.

Repeat basecoating with Primary Red until coverage is opaque, dry between layers of paint.

Load a No 4 Round Brush in Titanium White, highlight the cherry with a small curved stroke. Dry.

 Glue topper to the front of the card. Carefully line up the curves, flip it over to check the back - oops mine is a bit wonky, my cutting out skills are not first rate! I could try cutting it off, but it is not a large "boo boo" I'm going to leave as is. This is "handmade" it is my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

Decorating the topper.

I use cotton buds to transfer dots of paint.

1 - Dark Chocolate, dip and dot, these can be done completely random or a set pattern, the choice is yours.

2 - Gold Craft Twinkles, although this is a "writer" I prefer to squeeze out a blob and dip and dot with a cotton bud, fill in the gaps. 

3 - Milk Chocolate, lightly dip and dot on top of the Dark Chocolate.

Word of caution.It is extremely easy to put your finger or hand on wet brown or gold paint!


Mine is a set pattern, but random looks more like sprinkles.

Card Insert

 I always leave my cards blank. I prefer to hand write a personal message. They can also be used for several occasions.


Glue the insert into your card.

Include the copyright information on the back.

   Credit where credit is due.

 Always name the creators if possible.

Leave your card flat to air dry.

I hope you enjoyed this project - all comments are appreciated.

Until next time.