Friday, 29 January 2016

So many options ........

..... combining DecoArt Americana Paint & Mud.
Inspiration comes from so many different places. A simply beautiful butterfly started this ball rolling, with a basic daisy linedrawing, a piece of MDF and a candle.

Mud doesn't adhere to oily surfaces, so I've assumed wax is a type of oil. I brushed on some DecoArt Adhesion Medium and set it aside to dry.

Mudding on the candle took a lot of time, each section has to be done in stages, allowed to dry before moving on to the next bit. Just like mudding on a bauble, it is too easy to smudge the wet mud if too greedy on how much is done at the same time.

The candle base was a lot easier, bridging over the top of wet mud, can he hazardous, I had to be careful!!

Mud has to be left to dry naturally for 24 hours before adding any paint.

The base is an MDF shape previously basecoated cream found in my stash and too good to throw away. I traced and transferred my daisy linedrawing. Added the mud and left it to dry.
I painted the whole thing with Emperors Gold Metallic, I thought it looked a little harsh, so painted it again with Light Buttermilk, in sections and removed some of the wet paint with a damp paper towel. Thought it now looked a bit bland. LOL from harsh to bland LOL Maybe some colour?
Titanium White on the edges of the petals and blended into the center, oh yes I like this!!! Marigold in the centers, shaded with Traditional Raw Sienna and Asphaltum, Highlighted with a brush mix of Light Buttermilk + Marigold. And a few dots of White.
The leaves are loosely painted with Celery. Very happy with this look.

I transferred the daisy and butterfly linedrawings onto the candle with dark transfer paper, (the leaves were freehanded to fill the gaps) added the mud in stages and left it to dry. Repeated the painting process, covered the candle with Emperors Gold Metallic, dried and then the coat of Light Buttermilk, a lesson learnt here, whilst wiping the Light Buttermilk off I also removed the Metallic Gold from the surface of the candle, the effect on the mud was BRILL:-) Painted the daisies and leaves in the same way and the butterflies with white on the wing edges, blended down to keep the wings apart, the back wing is more solid catching the textured lines. For the bodies I used the Traditional Raw Sienna. Happy? Yes very Happy with end result.

Playing with techniques and colour doesn't always work out, but so much can be learnt, mostly on what not to do next time, or a layering of colour can lead to a whole new way of looking at how to create and more ideas of what to try will evolve.

Until next time.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Oh boy - have you tried Margot Clarks MUD techniques, if no why not.

Totally in love.

New Mixed Media Mirror Workshop for all levels of painters/crafters

Napkin Decoupage, swirly stencil and Mud.
Found some beautiful paper serviettes ....... I had some mirrors, so pleased with this, it is just as I imagined it would be.

Played with other stencils, mud and bling. Happy Days


Lots of new fun, creating with stencils and Mud.
Happy Mudding :-)

New Direction

I've been extremely quiet.
Time to make some new decisions on which direction I need to take. Spent way too much time on Craft Fairs painting items that do not sell very well. Most people like what I do, but it doesn't follow that they will actually buy the items. Had a long winded "pity party" !!
Going with my intuition - will paint what I want to paint, offer it for sale on various FaceBook pages and a local Cfaft Fair at Hedley Wood if it dosen't sell I'll donate to charity.

Had a massive de-cluttering of my stash all Craft and Painting related stuff.

Feeling so much better, with an aim once more.

Time to play with all the goodies I have - So many books, E-pkts, Mixed Media, Folk It, Mudding and lots more.

New class workshops to plan .........

Watch this space ............................. HAPPY PAINTING