Saturday, 26 September 2015

....More Mudding projects

WOW in love with this product, so many possibilities.

These are a few of my recent projects.

"Mud" cards using Margot Clarks E-pkts for flowers and roses.

 My first ornament - just the start, waiting for Christmas baubles to be available in the shops.

 Another notebook with a bit of bling,

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Margot Clark Seminar

Painting with friends at the Yorkshire Decorative Painting Group in Yorkshire.

MARGOT CLARK  SEMINAR. Learning new techniques with a fabulous International teacher.

Playing with MUD, Poppies, Hellebores and Morning Glories.

4 projects working on each one each of the 3 days :-)

4 unfinished projects, but techniques learnt and played with two since in my studio.

Poppies - no point in trying to mend all the mistakes made during the classes! Re-painted on a photo album so much easier to start again. Fabulous project. Thank you Margo for superb teaching.

Playing with Margot's Mud technique, extremely addictive :-)

Christmas trees

5 Petal flowers and leaves

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Tried violets too :-)

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

First of my Christmas projects

Small snowflake ornaments.
Designed by Jamie Mills-Price from her book Christmastime Between the Vines 4
Reminder to self, filigree cutouts are a pain to basecoat :-)

Happy Painting


Witchy Boots designed by Sheila Landry Designs

These are resized and cut from 3/4" MDF - freestanding cutouts.

LOVE these boots, complete with black boot laces.

Pumpkin Bears - Inspired by Sandra Malones "Bear-E's
Freestanding - 3/4" MDF

Happy Painting

Ballerina Cutout

 Design by Ana Dickinson

A super duper design and a lot of fun to paint, time consuming but well worth the effort.

Substituted some of the colours with what I have in my stash of paint.

Happy Painting

Free standing Butterflies

Craft Fair Stock..

 Butterflies - designed by Chris Thornton Deason from her book "Blessings"
Loved painting this pretty delicate design, tried Blue, Pink, Lilac and Cream.
Added wire antennae. The instructions said silk flower stamens, I found that they were a tad floppy!

         Which colour would you choose?

Happy Painting