Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Christmas in July!

It is never too early to think about Christmas.

Especially for all crafters who make their own cards.

I could not resist buying the Christmas Folk It designs from Create & Craft, waiting a whole month until they were available elsewhere was not an option I wanted to do.
I thoroughly enjoyed creating these beginner designs.
You may ask "why would an experienced painter want to paint beginner projects?"
Going back to basics is a lot of fun and we sometimes get a tad rusty when creating comma strokes - use it or lose it!

Happy Painting

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Basic Folk Art Dots and Linerwork

The Folk It kits have inspired me to try a few other designs. 

Using really basic techniques with a dotting tool and a liner brush.

Pinterest is an amazing on-line resource for inspiration. These simple designs are embroidery line drawings perfect for adapting to incorporate dots, dragged dots and lines.

 I love silhouettes too, could not resist adding some stir roses and a few comma strokes.


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bluebirds & Vintage Roses Class

Creating Folk Art with Comma Strokes from the Folk It kits.

Sometimes new painters need a teachers outlook on 

how to create comma strokes.

Kat traveled up to Bude today to take a class 

in the Little Acorn studio.

Her practice strokes with the Bluebirds and Vintage Rose Kits were extremely good for a beginner.
With a little guidance and practical help with what a round brush can and cannot create she is now well and truly on the right road to creating beautiful designs with a little more practice.


Having the confidence to play with colour whilst practicing your strokes has a two way learning curve. Playing freely creates so many variations and look completely different. 

 We started with Grey, White, Silver and Champagne Gold.
Colours inspired by the Folk It Christmas Designs.
The same design, two different outcomes.


then choose which 
you like the best.






Tomato Red and White


 White, Grey and Silver.

And finally a face for a name, she has picked her two favourite projects.

Thank you Kat for traveling all this way for a lesson, now it is time to get a bit more practice done and I look forward to seeing pics on the Folk It Facebook page of all the furniture you will be creating and selling in your shop "Here & Far in Tavistock, Devon.
Until next time.
Happy Painting


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Babon Bear and Grandchildren

A delightful design by Jo Sonja 

from her book Bear Hugs & Jelly Beans.

Colours converted to DecoArt Americana, not true to original but works perfectly.

A 4 day workshop with Val who comes to Bude occasionally 

and books workshops or a class each time. 

We had a lot of fun with this time consuming project. 

The results are stunning.