Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January 2015 - Design Team Project for Cuddly Buddly


Painted on a Large Wooden Heart with DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint and Kim MacFarlane's Digi-Stamp "Teddy's Patchwork Heart"

Step by step instructions and video tutorial HERE on the CB Blog.

Paint along with me.

For New Painters 
Relevant technique video links are all in the description box.

Hope you enjoy painting this delightful design as much as I have.

Perfect for lots of reasons. 

From Babies right up through the ages to Grand Ma

Until next time ........ HAPPY PAINTING

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Snowdrop Workshop

2015 - first student for the year.
Lorna's third all day class she asked for Snowdrops and these are what she now has.
Beautifully painted, so pleased with the outcome.
Snowdrops - based on a design by Yvette Smith

Teaching students what they want to do can sometimes be a challenge for the teacher. Lorna has natural artistic talents she will learn quicker than I did at the start of my journey.

Most of us need time to settle down and build the confidence levels up to actually believe we can paint, gradually learning through repetition to gain the technique knowledge that builds into something AWESOME.

Lorna is different and will move on at a brisker rate, at some point she will fly on her own.
I have a list of future projects she wants to do - Daffodils, Foxgloves, Chrysanthemums and Poppies.
Watch this space ......... the sky is the limit.

One-to-one lessons are an huge advantage, it gives the student 100% teacher time and needless to say much easier for me too. HAPPY PAINTING