Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Folk Art - not just for the Ladies

First daisy painting day at Kim's home with family and friends.
Folk Art is not just for the ladies, WTG Alan & Andy. 
Super duper first go at comma strokework everyone

Make & Takes - Going Dot Crazy

The ever popular stir roses from the Folk It starter kit.
Superb cards everyone, HAPPY PAINTING
Thank you for trying this simply brill technique at the Hedley Wood Craft Fair.
Ladies and children really happy with their creations, Tina (on the right ) a non crafter is now converted to trying new things and will enjoy using her Starter Kit.

I love the freedom of creating their own style that children have :-) 


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Autumn Christmas Craft Fair Dates and Places.

I will be trading at the following Craft Fairs.

Sat October 17th - The Town Hall, Tavistock, Devon

Sat 24th - Tues 27th Nov - Hartland, North Devon.

Sat 7th Nov - Sun 8 Nov - Hedley Wood, Bridgerule, Devon.
Make & Takes will be available at this venue. £2.50 each.

Happy Painting

New Students in the studio.

Once new painters try the Folk It comma stroke designs they quickly get hooked on the fun and relaxing experience of learning to paint.

Day 1 Daisy Hearts.
 Day 2 Daisy for the newbie Ros and Mistletoe for Jo & Anne

Day 3 Next week Christmas Wreath on a coaster - all 5 ladies together.
Happy Painting.
Jo's wreath - close up....
Happy Painting, Happy Christmas, look forward to seeing you in the New Year :-)

MUD on anything and Everything!

Addicted to Margot Clarks Mud Technique.
Tried on Slimline Diaries, Really pleased with these.


Folk Art Craft Fair Stock

Enjoying the Folk It kit designs - not just for beginners, experienced painters have lots of fun painting these delightful designs too, mix and matched with other designers linedrawings, getting mileage from everything.

Used all my favourite DecoArt products.

Folky White Christmas on Cork Coasters, based with Vintage Chalky Paint. Added a little bling with Silver Glamour Dust Paint, sealed with DuraClear Gloss Varnish.

Series 1 Bluebirds and Vintage Roses on Mini Doaries.
 Coat slick surfaces with a thin layer of Paint Adhesion Medium, 
leave to air dry and paint as usual.

Margaritha Pronks Owls with the dotted designs from Series No 1 Starter kit on cutouts and diaries.

and finally the Series 1 Angels on a pink notebook.

Happy Painting

Saturday, 26 September 2015

....More Mudding projects

WOW in love with this product, so many possibilities.

These are a few of my recent projects.

"Mud" cards using Margot Clarks E-pkts for flowers and roses.

 My first ornament - just the start, waiting for Christmas baubles to be available in the shops.

 Another notebook with a bit of bling,

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Margot Clark Seminar

Painting with friends at the Yorkshire Decorative Painting Group in Yorkshire.

MARGOT CLARK  SEMINAR. Learning new techniques with a fabulous International teacher.

Playing with MUD, Poppies, Hellebores and Morning Glories.

4 projects working on each one each of the 3 days :-)

4 unfinished projects, but techniques learnt and played with two since in my studio.

Poppies - no point in trying to mend all the mistakes made during the classes! Re-painted on a photo album so much easier to start again. Fabulous project. Thank you Margo for superb teaching.

Playing with Margot's Mud technique, extremely addictive :-)

Christmas trees

5 Petal flowers and leaves

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Tried violets too :-)

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

First of my Christmas projects

Small snowflake ornaments.
Designed by Jamie Mills-Price from her book Christmastime Between the Vines 4
Reminder to self, filigree cutouts are a pain to basecoat :-)

Happy Painting


Witchy Boots designed by Sheila Landry Designs

These are resized and cut from 3/4" MDF - freestanding cutouts.

LOVE these boots, complete with black boot laces.

Pumpkin Bears - Inspired by Sandra Malones "Bear-E's
Freestanding - 3/4" MDF

Happy Painting

Ballerina Cutout

 Design by Ana Dickinson

A super duper design and a lot of fun to paint, time consuming but well worth the effort.

Substituted some of the colours with what I have in my stash of paint.

Happy Painting

Free standing Butterflies

Craft Fair Stock..

 Butterflies - designed by Chris Thornton Deason from her book "Blessings"
Loved painting this pretty delicate design, tried Blue, Pink, Lilac and Cream.
Added wire antennae. The instructions said silk flower stamens, I found that they were a tad floppy!

         Which colour would you choose?

Happy Painting

Sunday, 2 August 2015


Intermediate Class - Painting together.

We painted these together socially, following instructions and a worksheet for Daisy calf, designed by Tracey Sims from the Country Style Folk Art magazine Vol 11 No 9.

Happy Painting

August 2015 Craft Fair Stock

Glutton for punishment - a Art/Craft Exhibition plus a Craft Fair booked for August, both running at the same time. Thankfully both are unmanned stands with stewarding duties.
Painted a few more goodies to add to my stock.
More "Hoot Eyes" by Karen Hubbard, these are on Card Boxes, we were warned that they would be different every time, but am still amazed on how much different they are!
A chopping board - a Lola Gill design from her book "Pick of the Bunch"

Freestanding Butterfly cutouts, delightful designs by Chris Thornton Deason from her book "Blessings" Really pleased with these, hoping they sell well cos I want to paint more!
And finally some super beginner style hearts, inspired by the Folk It designs.
Happy Painting

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Feathers and Fur

Always something new to learn and play/experiment with.
I recently traveled to Sheffield to paint with the Yorkshire Decorative Painters Group.

We spent a delightful weekend together.
On the Saturday Jill Appleyard taught the Hoot Eyes project a delightful design by Karen Hubbard in the morning and one of her own designs of Sammy Dog. Both designs painted using a rake brush. This was a new technique for me, so back to Acorn ability! Am extremely pleased with what I painted, not perfect, but happy with the technique to try again and again.

Plus a few of the other students work. Happy smiling faces.

On the Sunday I taught Linda Locks design Silver Butterfly, these are a few of the projects.

HAPPY PAINTING see you all again in September for a Seminar with Margot Clark, more new techniques to learn.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Christmas in July!

It is never too early to think about Christmas.

Especially for all crafters who make their own cards.

I could not resist buying the Christmas Folk It designs from Create & Craft, waiting a whole month until they were available elsewhere was not an option I wanted to do.
I thoroughly enjoyed creating these beginner designs.
You may ask "why would an experienced painter want to paint beginner projects?"
Going back to basics is a lot of fun and we sometimes get a tad rusty when creating comma strokes - use it or lose it!

Happy Painting

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Basic Folk Art Dots and Linerwork

The Folk It kits have inspired me to try a few other designs. 

Using really basic techniques with a dotting tool and a liner brush.

Pinterest is an amazing on-line resource for inspiration. These simple designs are embroidery line drawings perfect for adapting to incorporate dots, dragged dots and lines.

 I love silhouettes too, could not resist adding some stir roses and a few comma strokes.