"Saplings" - Improvers to Intermediate

"From Little Acorns"

Carefully tended they slowly grow into "Saplings"

   Babon Bear Goes Fishing.

Jo Sonja Design - from her book "Bear Hugs & Jelly Beans"
 A beautiful design - stippling, floating colour and lots of detail to add interest to the overall effect.
My students have been stretched to complete this adorable design - they know now what can be achieved with plenty of time and a lorry load of patience.
Watching students faces as they worked through - the fear - the frustration - and the penny dropping as they crack each technique - the beaming smiles - oh boy money cannot buy this feeling. 
Teaching is the bestest job I've ever had

Now its time to nail down these techniques. We are back to repetition,  repeating until they can pick up a paint brush and automatically follow instructions in a design packet.
 I've got a large project library both in book form and files on my computer. The variety of possibilities is endless, the follwing projects are just a drop in the ocean
What would tempt you?

Painting Chickens On Cork Coasters, Copyright Sandra McLean - Book Chicken Pot Collection

Shorn Sheep copyright Gill Hobbs 2008

Playful Grey Kitten copyright Chris Thornton - Book Multitude of Blessings

KITCHEN CHICKENS copyright Terrye French & Sharon Bond

Back to Comma Stroke Work and the Traditional Roses and Castles
copyright Gill Hobbs 2014

Whimsical Ostriches copyright Margaritha Pronk

Snowdrops inspired by Yvette Smith

Salem copyright Charlotte Fletcher
Yukiwa Snowflake copy right  Megumi Takada. Book When East Meets West