FOLK IT Kits & Courses

Folk It kits offer several options on how you can learn to paint.

Purchase the kits from me or Folk It

Series 1 Starter Kit - £25.00    Contents and a few extra supplies needed.

Series 1 Add On kits - £10.00 each

This is a superb teaching format which gives the beginner several options on how to learn to paint.

Some of us can watch a DVD and read the Instruction booklet and learn quite happily at home.

Or start at home and get stuck and need a teacher's guidance.

And some need a teacher's guidance from the start.

Or mix and match with my teaching portfolio.

Whichever option you as an individual needs I can help you to gain the confidence to progress through this delightful series on how to paint Folk Art.

You will create a Hanging Heart and a matching card from each kit.

Stunning designs begging to be painted.