Beautiful stroke work is a hallmark of folk art.

It is achieved in several ways, by the way we load the brush with paint, the consistency of the paint and the amount of pressure we use on the brush.

Start your painting journey with COURSE No 1
Round Brush Stroke Work

Work through the seven projects. 

Start as a Beginner finish as an Intermediate Student

You decide whether you wish to start Course No 2, or stay with the techniques and design options that are now open to you.

Course No 2 - Flat Brush Stroke Work.

New techniques to learn as a Beginner.
Once again work through the projects and finish as an Intermediate student.
Course No 3 or stay a while with the techniques you have learnt so far?

Floating Colour for Dimension, Course No 3 

 Open the door into dimensional painting.
Back to beginner status, but with the brush control needed to use your brushes with confidence.
Learn to basecoat individual design elements, float shading and highlights. 

The basics have been learnt, so where to go next?

Your choice is wide and varied with so many more techniques to learn if you wish to continue.

New Courses are still in the planning stages, at the moment I'm keeping ahead of Intermediate students with a hunger to learn more. 

Three levels of ability. 
Acorns (Beginners) - Saplings (Intermediate) and Oak Trees (Advanced)

Each and everyone of us and that includes me, can move around these levels, it depends on what we can or cannot do. Each new technique will take you back to being an "Acorn" and technique abilities for one technique may overlap into a new one which makes learning something new easier to do