Beautiful stroke work is a hallmark of folk art.

It is achieved in several ways, by the way we load the brush with paint, the consistency of the paint and the amount of pressure we use on the brush.

Start your painting journey 

with COURSE No 1 - the Round Brush and the Comma Stroke

It is the technique where you will gain the best brush control which builds confidence and ability.Not the easiest to learn, but worth every minute later on. 

Work through these seven designs they have been carefully put together to guide you through the basic techniques.

Various craft blanks are used depending on what is currently in stock - or bring something of your own.

(1) Daisies, (2)Mistletoe, (3) Honeysuckle.

(4) Fairies, (5) Gold Chrysanthemum

(6) Owl and Pinecones,  (7) Chrysanthemums

Folk It designs can be added to this course - £10 per kit.
Paint them at home or in the studio?

Course No 2 - Flat Brush - Strokework

Information coming soon.

Thoroughly learning the basic techniques of any art/craft will pay dividends later when learning Intermediate and even Advanced techniques.

Learn to paint on various surfaces.

Learn faux finishes and distressing with wax and crackle mediums.

Three levels of ability - Acorns (Beginners) - Saplings (Intermediate) and Oak Trees (Advanced)

Each and everyone of us and that includes me, can move around these levels, it depends on what we can or cannot do. Each new technique will take you back to being an "Acorn" and technique abilities for one technique may overlap into a new one which makes learning something new easier to do