Sunday, 20 August 2017

The Dragon

After working through my No 3 Course "Floating Colour for Dimension" Most students love the effect and for Donna and Sharron they wanted to learn to Float like I do.
Now my brain is slightly stuck on Beginners and these two students are upping the game.

Time to think outside my usual box!

We all love trawling through the wide and varied inspiration that Pinterest can bring, so they were set the task to find a linedrawing with enough nooks and crannies that could be shaded and highlighted in several ways.

Now the fun began .... so many cute and beautiful shaded designs came hurtling into our FaceBook Messenger Group.
Lots and lots that were not quite what I wanted till finally this one landed THE DRAGON

We printed our colouring page. All set up for class.

I'd chosen a project that was perfect for what I was going to teach them,.
For students it is hard to understand why this design had caught my eye.
I had rejected so many delightful options, their disappointment was clear to see.


We traced and transferred not only the dragon but a few nooks and crannies within the design.

Explanation time ......"Take a Linedrawing" and "Decide What Colour and Where"
Float various colour combinations to create deeper and deeper shadow and brighter and brighter highlights.

Using the wide and varied colour options that DecoArt Americana Paint can offer, they eventually decided that the Dragons Tummy would be Yellow
We painted all three sample tail sections with Primary Yellow.
No 1 Shade with Butterscotch and Highlight with Pineapple - basic shading.
No 2 Shade with Butterscotch, dry and repeat shading with Honey Brown in a smaller area. Highlight with Pineapple, dry and repeat in a smaller area with Lt Buttermilk.
OHHH my... the penny is dropping the difference is clear.
No 3 Shade - Buttercotch, dry, repeat smaller area with Honey Brown, dry and repeat in an even smaller area with Raw Sienna. Highlight Pineapple and Lt Buttermilk.

Choice time once more - which colour combination will you paint the tummy and why?
No competition its No 3.
No 1 is acceptable and has been a big part of course 3, but the depth created with colour is amazing.
Now they understand the reasoning behind the choice - all those nooks and crannies are crying out for depth. Happy Day and a middle brush float puts a perfect shine line on their tummies.
Lesson 1 Donna's
Lesson 1 Sharon's
LESSON 2 was a social affair we did more general talking than actual painting!!
Sometimes it happens we are firm friends and today was a talk and share session.
We did decide on the colour of the wings, played with how extender will dilute paint into a easily managed inky consistency that will cover an area without streaks.
Our base colour is Napa Red - Shading and Highlights with Napa Red, Plum, Black Plum, French Mauve and Pink Chiffon, perfect way to try to see what works and what doesn't plus each student has a different eye to which colourway they choose. And don't forget to write down which colours you used!
Lesson 2 Donna

Lesson 2 Sharon

We cracked the whip to try to make up some time.
More colours to try - Golden Straw, Marigold, Burgundy Wine, Grape, Paynes Grey & Soft Black.
And guess what?
They are both enjoying the process. HAPPY PAINTING.

Lesson 3 Donna

Lesson 3 Sharon

At this point they wanted to finish their dragons at home, so eager to see the finished result of all that planning and painting. The understanding of the process was clear to see, the ability to play with colour. Waiting another week to finish would have been hard, go home and play with the new found techniques.
Happy Painting

The finished Dragons - Beautiful painting Ladies. Are they boys or girls?



Alike and yet different - just the way it should be xxx

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