Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New Direction

I've been extremely quiet.
Time to make some new decisions on which direction I need to take. Spent way too much time on Craft Fairs painting items that do not sell very well. Most people like what I do, but it doesn't follow that they will actually buy the items. Had a long winded "pity party" !!
Going with my intuition - will paint what I want to paint, offer it for sale on various FaceBook pages and a local Cfaft Fair at Hedley Wood if it dosen't sell I'll donate to charity.

Had a massive de-cluttering of my stash all Craft and Painting related stuff.

Feeling so much better, with an aim once more.

Time to play with all the goodies I have - So many books, E-pkts, Mixed Media, Folk It, Mudding and lots more.

New class workshops to plan .........

Watch this space ............................. HAPPY PAINTING