Thursday, 24 September 2015

Margot Clark Seminar

Painting with friends at the Yorkshire Decorative Painting Group in Yorkshire.

MARGOT CLARK  SEMINAR. Learning new techniques with a fabulous International teacher.

Playing with MUD, Poppies, Hellebores and Morning Glories.

4 projects working on each one each of the 3 days :-)

4 unfinished projects, but techniques learnt and played with two since in my studio.

Poppies - no point in trying to mend all the mistakes made during the classes! Re-painted on a photo album so much easier to start again. Fabulous project. Thank you Margo for superb teaching.

Playing with Margot's Mud technique, extremely addictive :-)

Christmas trees

5 Petal flowers and leaves

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Tried violets too :-)