Sunday, 2 August 2015

August 2015 Craft Fair Stock

Glutton for punishment - a Art/Craft Exhibition plus a Craft Fair booked for August, both running at the same time. Thankfully both are unmanned stands with stewarding duties.
Painted a few more goodies to add to my stock.
More "Hoot Eyes" by Karen Hubbard, these are on Card Boxes, we were warned that they would be different every time, but am still amazed on how much different they are!
A chopping board - a Lola Gill design from her book "Pick of the Bunch"

Freestanding Butterfly cutouts, delightful designs by Chris Thornton Deason from her book "Blessings" Really pleased with these, hoping they sell well cos I want to paint more!
And finally some super beginner style hearts, inspired by the Folk It designs.
Happy Painting

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