Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Art on a Suitcase

Janet's Suitcase

She let me loose on it ! Was she wise LOL.

One Stroke Sunflowers, bright and breezy - eat your heart out Van Gogh!!!

It was a bit of a challenge to paint with all the ridges, but I'm happy with the outcome, it was a breeze to seal though, just one panel at a time, knew exactly where I'd already done.
Started with a layer of DecoArt Adhesion Medium, then mixed Adhesion Medium with the paint. It took ages to dry and cure it was sticky for several days.
Followed by a layer of Hard Coat Mod Podge and 3 layers of DecoArt DuraClear Gloss Varnish which made the colours even brighter :-)

In theory all that sealer should keep it looking like new, but I can't guarantee it,  
Plans for one of mine now .... mmm what will I do?