Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hello - I'm Gill Hobbs a decorative painting teacher from Cornwall, UK.
But I am remote from other BADFA (British Association of Decorative & Folk Art) members. This is my way of trying to inspire new painters who also live in areas where there are no teachers available to help them. I am designing some fun easy projects and gathering together inspirations and ideas by other artists this will include all kinds of everything - you tube videos, links and anything I think will help you along your journey of learning to paint. 

Also there will be surprise designs for everyone to enjoy. Please subscribe to my you tube channel and you will not miss out on the new videos as they become available.  

  Oh boy I'm having a lot of fun. Plotting, planning, designing, mooching around the www. and making you tube videos. We filmed the latest one today - Liner Work - it completes the techniques used in the first 3 projects and will be uploaded ASAP.